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Pirok Sphere GraphicHow do I get my small business noticed?

You know what makes your company special and different from your competition. So why doesn’t everyone know what you know? Why is it so hard to get noticed?

Customers have sensory overload. There are hundreds of ways to interact with prospective customers every day. Billboards, radio and TV ads, signage, brochures, Google searches, your website, social media – it’s easy to understand why customers are overwhelmed by the competition for their attention. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Building a unique brand is challenging. Our goal at Pirok Design is to help businesses get noticed through unique visual expressions of their brands. By working with our clients to design and produce professional and coordinated custom signs, logos, responsive websites and printed materials, we turn conceptual business identities into something tangible.  And because Pirok Design is celebrating 20 years as a local design company, we have a deep understanding of the community and how to communicate with our neighbors.

New business start-ups are our specialty.

Because of our wide-ranging experience in brand building, Pirok Design is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs starting a new business. Pirok Design brings their unique creativity and expertise to the strategic development of a coordinated program that will capture and retain your prospective customers’ attention. 

When we get involved at the very beginning, we can partner with you to shape a unique brand identity that will work in all the ways you need it to work as your business grows.

Branding requires thought.

Development of an effective brand takes thought and creativity. Our first objective at Pirok Design is to make sure we understand your business goals and what you want your customers to know about you. That information fuels our creative process and enables us to produce designs that make your company memorable.

Pirok Design understands the challenges of small business branding.

We know that small business owners and managers are busy running their businesses. Designing effective logos, signs, printed material and websites takes time you don’t have. We use what we learn about your business and customers along with our years of brand-building experience to produce unique and creative designs that will get your business noticed. And we’ll do it with minimal interruption to your busy schedule.

Let us help you get noticed.

Pirok Design has the experience, knowledge and creativity to build a comprehensive brand identity program for your company. Visit our Services page to learn more about our offerings or contact us today for a complementary assessment of your visual identity needs.